XML in Intel: SSE4.2

The XSS (XML Software Suite) talks about using more of native memory and less java memory to avoid triggering the Garbage Collection,

Here’s the paper,

XML in Intel Core2

+ XML Core consisting of Parsing Accelerator, XPath Accelerator, Schema Accelerator, XSLT Accelerator
+ Trie based memory representation (for condensed footprint and parallel access) in Schema Acc
– 25% gains on XML Validation across 8-cores
– 10% gains on XML on Parsing across 8-cores

XSS Performance Paper

Intel® XML Software Suite unleashes higher processing performance
Intel(R) XML Software Suite unleashes higher XML processing performance.
XML processing has become the industry standard for machine-to-machine communication in enterprise applications, web services, SOA, and SaaS environments. The Intel(R) XML Software Suite outperforms other XML appliances, increasing the performance of solutions, lowering the cost of ownership, and enhancing the benefits of the Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 processor and software technologies. The Intel XML Software Suite includes both C++ and Java* software-based runtime libraries for Linux* and Windows* operating systems.

Version 1.2 is Now Available!

The Intel XML Software Suite 1.2 release extends its XML processing library to include support for Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 processors, StAX API for Java*, user guide additions, and more.

The new version also integrates the upcoming Intel(R) Streaming SIMD Extensions 4 (Intel(R) SSE4) instructions to further boost XML processing performance. Find out more in this complimentary white paper.

To download a 30 day free evaluation of Version 1.2 or for more details on Intel XML Software Products, please click here.

Intel XML Software Suite – Making Fast Work of XML
Visit the XML User Forum to keep up with the latest news and interact with our XML experts and developers worldwide.

Click here to download the free XML Benchmark tool, and analyze the performance of various XML processing engines, such as the Intel XML Software Suite or Apache Xerces* and Apache Xalan*.
XML Benchmark Tools
From Intel(R) Software Dispatch


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