Sarah Symons: The Emancipation Network & MadeBySurvivors

Sarah Symons, founder of The Emancipation Network has a very inspiring story – Talk about impact of films (& art) on individuals –

“The Emancipation Network, MadebySurvivors, and TEN Charities were founded by Sarah Symons and John Berger in 2005. John and Sarah are married and together have build TEN from the ground up using their personal savings and dedicated community of friends.

John gave up his 17 year carrer in investment banking to join Sarah, after Sarah learned about the scope of human trafficking when she saw the film “The Day My God Died’ by Andrew Levine, at the Tribeca Film Festival.

According to Sarah “I write and record music for TV, and in 2002, a song I had written was used as the title song in a film (‘Nola’). With great excitement, I went down to New York to see my song in the film festival. When I looked at the film listings and saw ‘The Day My God Died’, a documentary about child sex trafficking between Nepal and India, I did not want to see it. I thought I already knew all about the issue – wrong! I thought the film would be sad and depressing, and I wouldn’t be able to do anything about it – wrong again

Although the film was deeply disturbing, it was anything but depressing! In fact, the film was incredibly inspiring, in that it profiled survivors who had turned the tables – they were active in an Underground Railroad taking rescue agencies and police back into the brothels to rescue other kids, or stopping every car at border stations between Nepal and India, and with the help of border police, stopping trafficking situations in progress. They were telling others, as part of large-scale public awareness campaigns in villages where girls were reported missing.

This film showed people who were standing up against slavery, and putting their lives on the line to fight it – with limited resources, with emotional and physical scars from years of abuse.

If they could do it, I felt that I had to find a way to support them. With all the resources we have in the US, surely there was something we could do to help break the chain of slavery. I met my husband John for lunch later that day, and couldn’t wait to tell him. “I just saw a film that is going to change my life!” I guess I should have said ‘our lives’ because as it turned out, fighting slavery has become a family business.”
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