dharavi: times they are gentrifyin’

A topic that re-takes my attention after the recent spat of movies, I happened to see: Maqbool, SlumDogMillionaire..
Here’s a story from a film maker from Rio (favelas in Rio) comparing Dharavi of pre-Indian economic rise to now (1990s vs 2008.)
Maria is from Rio, Brazil. She is a film-maker who made a documentary on Dharavi sixteen years ago. When she first arrived her project involved a comparative study of Rocinha, the largest favela in Rio, and Dharavi. She had a clear agenda. She wanted to show Dharavi’s industriousness, how relatively non-violent it was and how fast its people were developing their environment.
Instead, she was caught in a huge upheaval – the Great Dharavi ‘Riots’ when Mumbai came to a stand still.”


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