Delhi rallies for peace

Delhi rally assails war-mongering

NEW DELHI, Dec 12: “Some sections of the media and politicians are trying to peddle dictatorship, army rule, war with Pakistan and partnership with the US as solutions for India’s security. Pakistan’s own experience is proof that this is a recipe for disaster. India’s ruling class — both Congress and BJP — is hell-bent on shackling India to the globally hated US imperialist policies, and thus importing the US economic crisis as well as terrorism onto Indian soil. To fight terror India must first of all de-link her foreign policy from the American strategic stranglehold, and must engage Pakistan in a shared struggle against terror.” This is what Dipankar Bhattacharya, general secretary of the Communist Party of India (ML) told a rally of some 15,000 peasants, workers, students and intellectuals from across India during a march to the Indian Parliament in Delhi on Friday. This was the largest demonstration for peace and against terrorism, communalism and regional chauvinism held in the aftermath of the Mumbai terror attacks. Most of the protesters — belonging to groups like the All India Students Association (Aisa) and Revolutionary Youth Association (RYA) — had come from impoverished regions of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. The rally was almost completely ignored by Indian TV channels. A massive peace rally was also held in Mumbai by individuals and NGOs.—JN


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