vietnamese folk music

Dan Nyuget

Ca Dao:
Vocal, musical challenge-response, with love theme; typically after tet festival

An example
thanks to ubu


Đàn bầu (monochord zither)
Đàn gáo (2-stringed fiddle with coconut body)
Đàn nguyệt (2-stringed fretted moon lute)
Đàn nhị (2-stringed fiddle with hardwood body)
Đàn sến (two-string fretted lute)
Đàn tam (fretless lute with snakeskin-covered body and three strings)
Đàn tam thập lục (hammered dulcimer)
Đàn tranh (long zither)
Đàn tỳ bà (pear-shaped four-stringed fretted lute)
Kèn bầu (oboe)
T’rưng (bamboo xylophone)
A song and dance concert –


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